Little Pink Beauty!


It was a winter morning by the end of the month of November or the beginning of December long ago. The atmosphere was slightly foggy. I reached the nearby ground early in the morning to learn two-wheeler riding as the part of taking my driving license. While I was waiting for my turn at the far end of the ground, I was surprised to see that lots of people were there to learn driving, despite it was too early. Cars and scooters with different driving school’s name board were busy teaching the prospective drivers their new and basic lessons of driving.

I hate waking up very early in the morning and that too in a winter morning even added up the bad mood. But since I was working, I had no other way than to rouse early to procure my driving lessons. Even though early wake up was a nightmare for me, once I touch the steering, I used to get promoted to a good mood girl!

My observation of the surroundings finally ended up at a small bush by my side. My eyes caught up with this little pink beauty who was swinging herself in the cool breeze, enjoying the weather. She appeared to be so pleasant and it was more than good enough to clearly indicate her love for foggy mornings. On the contrary, I was too moody. I tried to capture her with my mobile phone camera, but she playfully deceived me teaming up with the gentle wind. After a couple of futile attempts, my friend got hold of the stem to help me capture. Anyway, by that time the little pink beauty has succeeded in injecting her good humor in me, this time before touching the steering 🙂


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  1. lekha says:

    A very pretty story.

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