Life is all about having hope! Hope is all about having dreams! Hence dream to live, And live your dreams!!! All rights reserved. ©Copyright 2018 Anju R.


മിഴിനീർ പോലെ ഓരിലക്കോണിലൊരു മഴത്തുള്ളി! (Aug 1, 2014) All rights reserved. ©Copyright 2017 Anju R

Miss the Smile!

Photo Prompt: Three Line Tales! Two hollow eyes And a chained nose Oh, I miss the smiling lips! Published in response to Three Line Tales – a photo prompt by Sonya. ©Copyright 2017 Anju R

The Best Sparkle!

Smile! It sparkled on her lips And managed to jump to the other lips There it spread the happiness Of caring and the bliss!   The latest prompt in Daily Post had a sparkle on my face! Sparkle! The best sparkle that a person owns is the smile! It has the magical power to make everything…


One fine day she discerned She ought to disguise as a Superwoman To make life easier for all! Now she knows how her mom Suited up to be the Superwoman mom To make life easier for all! She toiled every day and night She did utter no complaint To make life easier for all! Locked…