Just checked the Daily Post to see what is today’s Daily Prompt and here it goes ‘Folly‘. Honestly, I did not know the meaning of that word and my innate instinct whispered, “No way, I do not want to write about something which I don’t know”. Oh God, what is this? When I am ready to participate in something, these guys will not allow me to do so?

The next option in front of me was to click on the ‘Try Another’ button with a refresh icon on the top right corner of the daily prompt tile as I was too eager to write something and if not ‘folly’, let it be something else. I clicked on that button – again and, again and again. But finally, I made up my mind to write on ‘Folly’ itself. I told myself.. “Why worry when Google, the companion who knows everything is just a click away, happy to teach you the meaning and you have Dictionary.com app on your phone? If you don’t know the meaning, then learn it”.

By the way, let me tell you a secret. The first thing that came into my mind on reading that word was a cute little lamb. I don’t know why! I felt that it is the name of someone’s pet animal. 😀 Do you know the meaning of ‘Folly’? If not, what came to your mind first on hearing that word?

After convincing my mind, I checked the meaning of the word and here it is!

Folly: The state or quality of being foolish; lack of understanding or sense.

The meaning is ‘foolish’. It’s that simple? Such a simple meaning behind a confusing word!

Many humans are like that. They may seem arrogant or not so cordial when we hear their name or from the first encounter. We feel that they have a very bad temper! But inside they might be very courteous and gracious. But to realize the real cozy human who was camouflaged in a false face, it takes time.

Did you ever feel so?



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