Hey, Listen. . .

Hey, listen..

While the holidays are around and the world is in the festive mood, I wish peace to the whole world. I wish there exist no disputes in any corner of this world about anything. I wish all people live in harmony, no matter what is the colour of one’s skin, no matter which language they speak, no matter in which religion they believe in, no matter which caste or creed they belong to, no matter what job they are doing, no matter what their financial status is, no matter which gender they possess, no matter what educational qualification they have.

I wish there is no poverty in this world so that no child will starve to death. I wish good health to all, that everyone can sleep peacefully without the trouble of ailment or pain. I wish good education to all children, that we will have a better next generation well equipped with the knowledge to protect this world than to destroy it. I wish safety to women and children from all kinds of violence so that no soul or body is hurt. I wish good, quality thoughts to everyone on earth so that there won’t be any hatred in between any two people or countries and there won’t be any war or terrorism. I wish every pain in this world gets healed.

I wish everyone a happy future filled with peace and love!


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  1. theonlysup says:

    U have a lovely heart. U think of better things for everyone.. Thanks for wishes..

    Liked by 1 person

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