The closing ceremony for another glorious year. It was bit of an year of anxiety, tension, happiness and lots of love! Not to mention that there was plenty of hope throughout the year.

Frankly, I did not have a resolution as such when 2018 started. I wanted to take it as it comes. I got some new experiences, new struggles, new lessons to fight and survive, new series in Hotstar and Amazon Prime 😀 It was an eventful year for me. Life changed a lot. After a long time, I felt pieces of myself running back to me which I lost somewhere over the years. There were some ‘dream come true’ moments, where I pinched myself to make sure that I am awake and it’s happening. And there were some ‘breaking the comfort zone’ moments, ‘wont give up, no matter what’ moments, and ‘take one day at a time’ moments. In short,  I had some ‘I am growing’ moments.

2018 watched me moving to a ‘Green Arrow girl’ from the ‘Doctor Who girl’ that I used to be in the 2017. It’s not because I don’t like Doctor Who anymore, but because I finished up all the old episodes of Doctor Who which we used to watch everyday and started watching the ‘Arrow’ almost everyday and the new Doctor Who only once in a week. Still Doctor Who remains as my all time favorite. Actually, I felt real bad when my first Doctor (actual ninth Doctor) regenerated to the next Doctor. I did not know the regeneration or the history of Doctor back then. We picked it up random and  started to watch it just for fun.

I know that I did not live up to my own expectations in the blogging front. I have a number of posts in the drafts tab even now. Lazy me! In fact, I wanted to write and read more; both of those did not go very well (Point noted).

Anyways, hope you had a great 2018 and are looking forward to a greater 2019 as I do.


Wish you all a very happy new year. Hope all your dreams come true this year!


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