Never lose your essence!!!

Have you ever felt that somebody close to you does not approve of your certain likings or priorities?

It’s perfectly alright, I think!

Each one of us is unique and don’t be disheartened by the fact that somebody cannot understand how you feel about something. Only you know what is important to you. Don’t let go of something you love because someone else is not capable of understanding it’s importance. Only you can think in the way you think; feel how you feel and interpret something in the manner in which you do. Nobody else can do that. They can only be themselves with a few priorities and likings of their own. The unique composition of YOU makes you special which is the sum total of your existence and the life you led. Don’t alter that composition for the sake of something that you cannot comprehend. Don’t let anything or anybody comes in between you and your essence. Don’t be afraid or suspicious of being yourself. Find and embrace the bliss in that. You will find it wonderfully amusing once you do. You don’t require anybody’s approval for being who you are or how you are!

Accept others as to how they are. They have equal rights to be themselves as to how you do for yourself. They have their own likings, priorities, and passions as you do and it’s ok that sometimes you cannot understand why! Let them be themselves with their peculiar composition!

All rights reserved. ©Copyright 2018 Anju R.


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  1. rita says:

    True its important to have ones own identity .Nice msg

    Liked by 1 person

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