Developing Your Eye-I Confidential!

Finally, completed the Developing Your Eye-I exercise yesterday. I started it more than a year ago but left it as soon as I started it! Whenever I leave something without completing it, I always have that feeling of uneasiness somewhere deep in my mind. It’s the similar feeling like I missed to close a book which I have opened. Or it feels like I missed to lock the door or forgot to turn off the LPG cylinder when I left home!

It was actually a viable exercise to post the images based on themes and topics. In fact, it’s a 10 days course. But simply I did not feel to do. I can give a lot of reasons for not doing it. But those are just excuses. As the saying goes,

If it’s important to you, you will find a way to do it.
Else, you will find excuses not to.

Anyways, I felt that I should resume it a week ago. As I said, December is the month of hope and I genuinely wanted to correct something to start the new year and here I am!

Feel great once I finished it! I closed the book which I opened, locked the door and turned off LPG cylinder before I left home. 😀

The course deals with point of views, composition, colors, and more in photography! Got the opportunity to read a lot of resources in the different aspects of photography. There is Developing Your Eye-II also. But now I need a break before pitching into that.

If you would like to see my entries on the Developing Your Eye-I, please feel free to check it out here!

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