The Bee in Solitude!


The bee in solitude!

A lonely little honey bee in yellow flower best depicts the theme “Solitude”.

The lesson is about applying Rule of Thirds while capturing an image and I think I am almost there! 😀

Today’s Tip: Pay attention to the placement of your subject. As you frame your shot, consider the Rule of Thirds, which is a great introductory lesson in composition. Divide your shot into thirds, both horizontally and vertically, so you get nine parts. Place your subject at the intersections of these lines (or along them) to create a dynamic, off-center composition.
(From the course)


Published in response to the  Blogging U course, Photography: Developing Your Eye I,
Day Six: “Solitude” – The Rule of Thirds.

All rights reserved! © Copyright 2017 Anju R


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    1. Anju Raj says:

      My pleasure! 🙂


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