Photography and I!

Thinking about the camera, the first thing that comes to my mind is water! A vivid memory of an involuntary action that dumped the camera in the temple tank water when I was a kid. I remember myself as an upper primary class student. It was the day of “choorunu” (feeding food other than milk for the first time) of my cousin’s daughter at the temple. I loved taking photographs and my dad entrusted the camera to me. The Panasonic camera with film rolls in it. Along with my cousins, I went near the temple tank to watch fishes. I had a lot of things in my hands and in a doomed moment, the camera fell into the water from my little hands. Suddenly, one of my cousins grabbed it from the water. I was afraid! I did not know what to do! To my surprise, my dad did not scold me. He knew that I would not do it deliberately. He dismantled it to the possible extent and kept it to get dry. But I felt guilty!

2017 was another remarkable year in my photography life. I got my camera as an anniversary gift from my husband. Till then I was a mobile camera photographer for a while. I have researched and tried to understand the technicality of photography this year. I am in debt with a few online tutorials and a few fellow bloggers from WordPress for explaining the theories, giving tips, inspiring and moreover leaving me goggle-eyed with their amazing photographs.

I am thankful to those two men in my life for getting me the camera and encouraging me to show the world what I see through the lens! And yes, to my brother too, for lending me his new phone a few times to click and experiment in the absence of the camera. So in fact, three men! 😀


Published in response to the WordPress Photo Challenge: 2017 Favorites

All rights reserved! © Copyright 2017 Anju R


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  1. These are cool photos.

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    1. Anju Raj says:

      Thanks a lot! 🙂

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