Was she waiting for the KING? Really!?

It was Onam in Kerala! The festival of harvest, prosperity, abundance, and flowers, which marks the remembrance of the emperor Mahabali- the ideal king, who ruled the kingdom with the utmost quality and kindness. During his reign, the words poverty, theft, treachery or inequality were not even heard. Everyone lived in peace and harmony. Everything was in abundance and everyone was happy.

We were on our way back from my husband’s ancestral home when we saw her waiting desperately outside the gate, camouflaged. Suddenly without making any noise, or disturbing her, I managed to have her captured with my phone camera. She lied down still and comfortable, gazing to the other end of the road. The color of her body matched very well with the gray color of the floor. She was an uninvited guest one day who turned to be kind of a member of the house later. It was the Thiruvonam day and most of the houses had the floral carpet in the courtyard to welcome the good old emperor Mahabali who is believed to be visiting his countrymen on that day of every year.

This happened a year ago and I still wonder if she was waiting for the good old king or the bicycle riding fishmonger who used to give her one or two small fishes every day 😀


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  1. lifelessons says:

    I can’t make out what it is lying in the road. Is it a rabbit? The fact he gives it fish makes me think it is a bird of some kind.

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    1. Anju Raj says:

      It’s a cat actually.. 🙂

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  2. Shibin Dinesh says:

    Onashamsakal! Good to know fellow Malayali’s on WordPress 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Anju Raj says:

      Thank you! Onasamsakal to you too.. 🙂

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