A Learner… Always!


There is always something to learn from everything around us.  Each and every person we come across in our life has a purpose to serve and a new lesson for us to learn.

Recently we appointed a maid for a month in our home for dish washing. She was a nice lady and the most surprising thing about her is the speed in which she does her job. In just 10 to 15 minutes she does her job and leaves the place just like that. For the same number of utensils, I may take around 45 mins. Yes, there is the difference in the quality of the result, that we cannot completely rely on the cleanliness in her case and we have to wash it again sometimes. Apart from that fact, she managed to awestruck me with her super speed. I always think it would be awesome if she could clean it properly too. But yes, you have to compromise on something to perfect the other. I urge myself to learn that quality from her and combine it with my cleanliness 😀 Now I am in the process of improving my speed.

I have learned a poem, ‘Ente Vidyalayam’ written by the great poet ‘Olappamanna’ in the Malayalam language during my school days in which the poet says that everything in this universe teaches us something or the other. The sky, the cloud, the rose, the bee, the earth and the raindrops have some interesting matters to share with us! After a long time when I happened to hear

After a long time when I happened to hear The MahaBhagavatham, the religious book in Hinduism which describes the stories of all the incarnations of lord Vishnu, I came to know about the amazing fact that there is a chapter in it which deeply deals with the living and non-living things in this universe from which we, the humans have a lot to learn from.

We will face problems in our life. We will hear unpleasant words and go through bad experiences. I think we should always keep in mind that it’s  just a matter of time and try to learn something good from that. Always try to find an opportunity in that situation to learn and develop yourself personally or professionally rather than thinking about it and worrying meaninglessly.

Always heard the wise men say, the best teacher to man is a child. The positive vibes that they produce and the enthusiastic nature that they possess is missing in the grown-ups. We could identify it ourselves if we do a simple exercise of observing the child for a few minutes. He laughs and smiles at everyone, he makes a lot of noise, he roams around everywhere without any burden or tension in mind. He cries and the very next moment he laughs. He is free from greed and jealousy.

Let’s open up our mind to learn new things each day that we spend in this beautiful world… even if it’s just a small thing!


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  1. Very true Anju! I also believe in the same. In fact I keep telling my children, school only educates you. But you learn a lot more outside of school, from people, places, experiences, incidents……. That is true learning!

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    1. Anju Raj says:

      Yes, you are right Radhika 🙂

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