Fountain and Life- A Graceful Connection

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This is the fountain near my work place in an IT park. During the day time, it remains passive and gets active when the dusk arrives. It appears to be a simple fountain, but if you could spare a little time near it, it will mesmerize you with the different colors it has in the store for sure. Of all the colors, this one seemed more graceful to me.

The each one of the colors gives a different view and depth to the scene as a whole. The flow of the water seemed smooth and lively. The different colors of light dominate over the colorless water to give it a specific color which changes with time. Nothing happens to the water, only the color of the light changes and it appears to us that it’s the water changes its color. The water is all the same, always.

Don’t you think that it’s similar to the life on earth? The earth was here even before the life starts. When we live here, we feel that the earth belongs to us. We say, ‘my house’ and ‘my car’ ! It’s ‘my’ house when I stay there, when I leave the place it’s no more mine. Then it belongs to the one who stays there. Here, the color cannot take the water with it when it leaves. All it can do is to be as beautiful as it can to illuminate the water and give an eye-catching view to others. The water still remains there to be a medium for the next color to shine. Similarly, we cannot take any of the possessions when we leave. All that we have with us is the “this moment”. Not the next one or the previous one. Let us make the time we spend in the world to live our life gracefully and beneficial for us and those around us.


  1. mukhamani says:

    Very, very true 🙂

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    1. Anju Raj says:

      Thank you! 🙂


  2. So true. It is human nature to pretend and live in a manner that looks like we will live forever and when confronted with inevitable death, all we want is just another minute! Lovely post, Anju, you have brought the wisdom beautifully with the beauty of the fountain!

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    1. Anju Raj says:

      Thank you 🙂
      Liked your addition! So true it is..

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