New Year Visuals!

First of all, let me take this opportunity to extend my warm greetings to you on your venture to step on to 2017 courageously! Congratulations! Happy New Year! 🙂

We are lucky that we got another year to experience this wonderful world, the cool breeze, and the warm sun, the bounties that enchant us with their magical caresses. It’s great that we breathe today, now- at this moment. Be thankful for that. I wish that 2017 brings you a lot more reasons to smile and let that broader smile extends to a good laugh way more than 2016. I pray that all your journeys are fruitful and that you enjoy the time no matter even the sun shines or not. I wish all your desires of 2017 gets fulfilled without so much of effort that you run out to find new desires and objectives for 2018. Cut off that dirty invisible rope which has tied your hands and legs together and kept you indolent so longer, with your willpower and fly higher, but take a moment to turn around to see how long have you reached and use that as a fuel to dart higher with more confidence. Let me be specific on one thing. Nothing outside is powerful than your inner self!


As decided, my husband and I reached a mall in the city on the New Year Eve to celebrate the farewell of 2016. It was quite a long dinner over talking and fortunately we finished it just before the New Year and shouted out with the gathering there to bestow a super warm embrace to 2017 on the cold midnight of December 31. Everywhere people were in the celebration mood and greeted us happy new year. And sooner I got an opportunity to lend my first helping hands of 2017. There was a dynamic group of friends in the mall and they were taking pictures of each other. Meanwhile, we were taking some selfies, not too far from them. By the time we were about to leave, they called me up to click a group photo of theirs. I was more than happy and clicked some snaps in one of their mobiles. They greeted me and conveyed their gratitude. I know that it’s not a great thing that I have done..but for no specific reasons, I felt really good on seeing them smile and waving hands at me.


I was welcomed by another beautiful incident on our street. I was more than surprised to see different beautiful designs quoting ‘Happy New Year’ with vibrant colors in front of each and every house on our street and it’s a new thing for me. As I told before, things are different here.. And some things are delightful! By the time I clicked some of the designs, my eyes accidentally caught up with this amusing shot. He was giving his royal pose as if he has drawn all these designs, colored himself and anticipating my arrival to greet me and get his photo clicked! In no time, I captured him, his royal act and the designs.


Two little girls seemed so much excited in creating their sketch of the new year in front of a shop. The little hands were all covered with colors! A lady appeared to be their mother was also beside them busy with something else.

Altogether the New Year Eve was a great experience to me! How was it for you?




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  1. Happy New Year to you too!

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  2. Aanchal says:

    Happy new year! The pictures are really pretty! 🙂

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    1. Anju Raj says:

      Thank you so much Aanchal! Happy new year 🙂

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