Do you know what Quilling is? Would you like to know what it is?

If your answer is ‘no’ to my first question and ‘yes’ to the second question, I think I may be able to help you out and am more than happy to do so.  🙂

Paper Quilling is an art of making beautiful shapes and designs using paper strips and glue. It is generally done by coiling the colored paper strips, pressing in between fingers (if needed), to shape it into the desired designs and apply glue to keep it intact.

A portion of a handmade card

Quilling is not a job for me or you may not find me doing quilling that often, but I can tell you, I like Quilling to an extent that I sit joyfully with different colors of paper strips in between my moving fingers and all around me for hours and even past midnight. It is rather a stress reliever for me. Having been into Quilling for more than past 2 years, my attention has gravitated more towards earrings and handmade cards.

You may call me a self-learnt Quiller. The main thing that drew my attention to the paper strip art was the very thought of making custom made paper jewellery. The girly instinct, indeed 😀 Each piece of earring that I have would be personalized according to my interests and probably I would be the only one who possesses that peculiar piece or design. As I started to do the real job, I fell in love with it and found myself making handmade cards and earrings to some of my friends as well.

A wide range of tools is available in the market which makes your life easier in quilling. I had to roam around a lot to secure the tools and different colors of paper in the initial stage and I enjoy the hardships on my way in achieving something I am passionate about.

Strips of paper for Quilling is available in a variety of shades and dimensions. I usually use the paper strips of 3mm and 5mm width widely. But strips of other dimensions are also available in the market like, 2mm, 7mm, 10mm width and so on. Another interesting kind of quilling paper that is readily available is the one which has a shiny effect. But it won’t get glued as ease as the normal paper strips do (from my experience).

Quilling paper

I shall introduce some of the tools if you are interested to know more.

The basic tool which is required for quilling is the Quilling Needle. To be very frank, I use only this one for the majority of my works so far. It’s pretty easy to use too. There is a small slit on the end towards the metal part of the tool and you have to insert one end of the paper strip into that and just roll the tool. That’s it!  Also, with the other hand, make sure you keep all the layers of paper together.

Quilling Needle

Now this is the Quilling Comb. It is mainly used to make petals of flowers or leaves. This one is quite an interesting one. You can survive even with a clean regular hair comb instead of this.

Quilling Comb

This is called Quilling Coach. I have made very little use of this tool. It enables to keep the coils intact while rolling. The Quilling needle has to be inserted into the tiny hole in the middle of the coach while using this.

Quilling Coach

This is one of the useful tools which helps you to make coils of the same diameter when you need identical ones. There is a ruler on one end so that you can measure the length of the strips.

Quilling Board

This is Quilling Crimper- the transformer. This is one of the cutest tools in Quilling. What it does is that it makes patterns on paper. If you make the strip to pass through the two circles of the crimper, then the resultant strip will contain zig-zag patterns. Check out the below image for a crimped strip.

Quilling Crimper
Crimped strip of paper

These are a few of my tools. There are many other tools as well, like the Quilling mould to make the dome, the border buddy of different shapes, tweezer, cutter and so on.

Admiring something that you made by your hand is a wonderful feeling, and the mere thought that you created a beautiful thing just from some paper is really incredible. And I love that proud, priceless feeling when it comes to wearing something that I put together for myself. Quilling is such a vibrant hobby that you can go any further that your imagination and creativity leads you. You can use beads or stones to embellish your creations and enhance them to become even more beautiful and unique. You can even make 3D shapes by Quilling. The bond between the paper and glue is stronger than you can imagine 🙂

What Quilling demands from you is a little patience and creativity.

I have plans to post my Quilled creations, tutorials, and experiments! Till then, happy Quilling!

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