Are you an encouraging person?

Recently I came across a thought-provoking quote. Here it goes:

"Support, Encourage, and Admire anyone who is trying to better themselves.

We need more encouragers.

We already have way too many critics"

When I saw this, I paused, read it word by word. Yes, every word in those three sentences is true. It has a positive energy. It has awakened something inside me. I looked into myself. Yes, I am a critic sometimes. And yes, sometimes I push myself to be an encourager.

Why are we not a source of support? Why cannot we be encouragers instead of critics? What is hindering us from saying a kind word or support others when we see and feel someone doing good? Is it the EGO or Jealousy? Or is it our pride’s soliloquy, that his or her achievements or good deeds have not qualified to impress me to say a good word?

When you say a kind word to a person, you are passing on a positive energy to that person. And that energy will be passed back on to you too. There will be a positive connection in between you and the other person which you both could feel and believe me it’s really beautiful. And I personally know such beautiful hearts whom I love to be around.

I have heard people saying, if you always say good on small things, people will become proud or the value of your words gets deteriorated. Do you really believe so? Just think, if someone says something good to you, how would you feel? Will you ever look down upon them? Appreciating,  encouraging or doing something good to others will only increase our value in the mind of the other person and they will get inspired to do more. Sometimes just a word can bring about miracles!

The next time, do try this. When you see someone doing a good thing, just say a kind word to encourage them. The other person will surely smile at you the least. And there will be a positive atmosphere around you which will only get incremented each time you encounter such situations.Do this even for the smallest of the things and you will be a carrier of positive waves. And once you experience that positive waves around you, it will get reflected in whatever you do. It is a win-win situation. Moreover, it does not cost you a single penny, you know! It’s absolutely free! 🙂

Support, Admire and Encourage..! Let’s do our small part. Let’s make this world a better place to live in..

And believe me, it’s a true saying.
                                “As you sow so shall you reap”

Thank you for your time 🙂


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