Angels on Earth!

Heaven is not the dwelling place of angels all the time. They do come to our earth.. and at times they drop themselves just in front of us in the form of saviours when we are in deep trouble. Sometimes they surprise us by coming as the person we know, and some other times as a complete stranger. But they would make our day, no matter in what or whose incarnation they are in. They behave as if they come in a life boat to save the us, who is drowning in the middle of an ocean.

I used to think why do they help me when I am in no way related to them..? Many times that he/ she helped me when all others around me were busy with their own business. And finally I found the answer to my question. Yes, sometimes God send such people or he himself comes as such people at the right time. I have experienced such incidents many times in my life personally and at that time I could see God in them.

Once I was coming back to my work place from my home town which is a little far away. I had to travel some 5-6 hours to reach there from my home and I had to travel in different buses for the same. There was a very busy junction almost 1 hour away from my office and it is famous for the heavy traffic during the morning and evening. I got down there and had to take another bus from there. I had my rucksack on my back and a hand bag on my shoulder. There was a very beautiful smiley face painted on a metal piece which I have attached to the front view of my hand bag. I think I bought that smiley from some shop when I was in college and it was very dear to me. While I was walking through that junction, the smiley on my bag got detached from my bag, fell down on the road, rolled swiftly ahead of me, and settled down very near to a bus. When I saw that , in a fraction of a second, I totally forgot that I am in the busy road near to a bus and I leaned forward to take it from the ground. In that acceleration and the weight of the rucksack I fell down on the ground, but still managed to grab my favourite smiley. I tried to get up from the road, but it was not that easy. It was near a bus stop and  there were many people there. Everyone looked at me shocked. All of a sudden, a guy appeared in front of me and he extended his hands towards me. Grabbing his hand I got up. I got hurt on my knees and the little finger of my leg. Rubbing off the dust in my body,  I looked for that person to say thanks. And he was nowhere. He did not ask me anything or wait for my response. I did not even see his face. I guessed that he got into a bus by the time I looked for him. I felt that he is a real angel sent to the earth by God or God himself might had come to help me!

I thought of the gravity of my stupidity only when I shared the incident with my mom. She asked me “Oh my God! You went to save a metal smiley in such a busy road? You can buy a new smiley if you lose that, but what would I do if something bad would have happened?” She asked me what would have happened if the bus started moving? I had no answer to her questions. She sincerely thanked that angel for saving her little girl which I could sense that she was actually thanking God.

We would convey our gratefulness to these angels for their noble deed, and at that point in time we could really feel the combination of those 6 letters – “t-h-a-n-k-s” take a much deeper meaning than just a word of gratitude. It comes from the bottom of our heart! And the best part is that these angels inspire us to do good to others and help the needy people, so that we also become an angel to someone. I believe that this chain reaction will make our world a better place to live in.


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