And we danced!!!

“Hi, let me ask you one thing”, when her chat popped up on my Skype window, it seemed as if she was as asking me the permission to blast a bomb.  I instantly gave her permission to blast whatever she had with her. “Lets participate in the dance competition?” was her next question. Without a second thought I said “y not? I am ready.” It seemed that she was shocked by my reply. But I was serious. The above mentioned ‘she’ is Divya, my colleague. In a couple of chats Divya and I had a dance team in our head.

It was the last day to register for the event as usual. With the help of our HR we registered for UST Global Infotsav. We had a quick meeting on which we decided the captain and vice captain. Obviously it was me and Divya respectively. By that  time we had a team, which had different levels of self confidence about their ability in so called art form, ‘Dance’. Some of them doubt whether they could dance well up to the mark, some others were confident that they couldn’t dance, but still were ready to give a try and the other group had a doubt whether they would dance or not. Anyway we had a team of 9 members from all these three group and a bunch of well wishers. The next step was to have a choreographer. I called my dance teacher and fixed everything. We had hardly a month to practise. Within 5 days from then we had to finalize a song with a theme and inform the event co-ordinators. When there was a good theme, there would not be a good song and vice versa. At last we fixed a tamil song which starts with “thee thee..” which means fire and thus our theme became ‘FIRE’. 😉  There were 29 teams registered for the Prelims event out of which 10 -12 teams will go to the finals. We did not have any hope to be in that 10-12 teams.

In the course of time the size of our team got narrowed and narrowed to 5 which was the minimum count for any team to participate in the event. I became tensed with each back out and at some point was afraid whether we would be able to make it till to the Prelims. One more back out will end up all our effort. 😦 Even though Swati was not there in that final 5 due to some health issues, she was there to discuss all my concerns in the initial phase. We- Arya, Sanusha, Sreelakshmi and I  practised hard. Sanusha and Sreelakshmi were  dancing for the first time in their life for an event. Our choreographer had to change the steps several times for us . Divya was not able to make herself available for the practise sessions regularly, but still she managed to pick it up when she came. We went to check the dance costumes in between and collected them the day before our event. Arya, who is an amateur tailor took the costumes with her to alter to our size. Only a person from the team needed to be in the desired costume, but we decided that we all will be in the desired costumes.

And finally the D-Day has arrived. We all went to Divya’s flat for make up and final preparation. We helped each other to get dressed up. We combed and styled each other’s hair and put on make up on each other’s faces. And finally I called Binu for a pick and drop. Some of our colleagues, Manju, Tintu and Sheethal came to the venue to cheer us. Oh..At last we were there.. on the stage of the Prelims of InfoTsav 2014.  And we Danced!!! Even in the stage there were funny moments. We laughed hard after the performance on watching our video. Even today we laugh if we get a chance to watch that 😀 . I should say that we did not make it to the finals, but we succeeded in making it happen till to the stage and we performed not bad. 😉

It was a wonderful experience, full of fun, laughter and sweat. I really wanted to make it happen. It was a kind of challenge for me. Kudos to my team and thanks to all well wishers 🙂


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